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STXra kit


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STXra kit

Engage STXtra
Additional Sensor & Transmitter to monitor multiple circuits

 Monitor Multiple circuits with your engage platform

Easy to use
Add this kit to your engage system to view multiple circuits. Ideal for installations that want to view solar and generation data separately or any home that needs to see the consumption of a different area separately

All the information you need

Energy Now- See in realtime your home electrical consumption/generation

Budget- Set a target consumption for the month and monitor your progress

Cost So Far- See how much you have spent on consumption today, this week or this month

Demand/Usage History- Check through the months to compare your usage/generation

Multiple Feeds
Monitor the consumption of up to 5 circuits in your home

Individual displays
Track separate devices in your home for super-close management

Solar and Consumption
Add your solar generation to the engage platform to see how much your generating compared to consuming

Easy to understand
View all information through user friendly graphics

Choose the value
See your consumption in $, kWh or C02

Choose the time period
Check your circuit usage behavior week, month or yearly

*PLEASE NOTE Available only on the PC not tablet or smart phone app
*Only available for those with existing efergy engage installations

We recommend that any sensors are installed by a qualified electrician


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